I coordinate the Research Group in Political Theory (GRTP) together with Professor Sergi Morales-Gálvez. The GRTP is a consolidated research group of the Department of Political and Social Sciences at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. The GRTP analyses, from a theoretical and applied perspective, democratic societies with a focus on a variety of topics in contemporary political theory – justice and rights, nationalism and secession, religion and democracy, federalism and minority rights, EU politics and regionalism, law and pluralism, art and politics.

Current projects:

  • Proyectos de Generación de Conocimiento 2021.Independence and government decision-making. Why do states accept to hold self-determination referendums? (REFSTATE) (PID2021-123861NB-I00) IPs: Jean-Baptiste Harguindéguy (Universidad Pablo de Olavide) / Marc Sanjaume-Calvet (UPF), (2022-2025).

  • Projectes de recerca en l’àmbit de l’organització territorial del poder de l’lnstitut d’Estudis de l’Autogovern (IEA). (PRE150/22/000009) The Politization of Federal Arbiters. Modelling Regional Constitutional Politics in Spain, IP: Joan-Josep Vallbé (UB), 2022-2024.

  • Subvencions a projectes de recerca en l’àmbit de la qualitat democràtica (DEMOC). (EXI/100/22/000009) Democracy in the Anthropocene. Can Deliberative Minipublics Influence Political Opinion Formation of the Larger Public?, IP: Lala Muradova (UPF), 2022-2024.